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puppy welfare
June 03, 2020

prepare your pups for returning to work

Heading back to work soon and worried about how your pup will cope after almost 3 months of your undivided attention? We have some tips to make that transition easier for you.

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puppy welfare
May 06, 2020

self-isolating with your pup

It’s important to maintain something of a routine for your dog. Hard to do when your own has been disturbed. With the recent extension to our Covid-19 lockdown, you might feel that you’ve hit your stride with your days, even so.

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puppy welfare
October 31, 2019

if my puppy cries, should i pick them up?

My puppy is crying. What do I do? should I pick them up? It’s a good question. At Paws in Work we’re always aware of the needs of the puppies who come with us to our events...

puppy welfare
October 03, 2019

what’s the perfect age to re-home your puppy?

We know all about the excitement of a new puppy coming to live with you in their forever home, but this transition needs to happen at a point in their development where the puppy will be able to adjust properly.

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puppy welfare
September 25, 2019

how to overcome your puppy’s fears

Even when they are given all of the love in the world, your puppy friend may well show some signs of anxiety in certain situations. Let’s have a look at some of the most common things a puppy might be fretting about.

puppy welfare
September 19, 2019

how and when to socialise your puppy

Who’s a good dog? With the right social skills, yours! Socialising your puppy can be one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of getting to know your furry new friend,

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