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March 31, 2020

how mental health first aid training can help your team to flourish

Ladies, gentlemen and esteemed non-binary readers, we beg your patience as we briefly dip our toes into the desperation of poor mental health (promising an optimistic ending) beyond life being ‘a bit tricky’.

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mental health
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December 20, 2019

how to survive christmas

Christmas, for those in its grasp, can be a high-octane time, as many of us know. Surges of sugar, alcohol, probing questions from family, emotions: and all wrapped up in the often misleading ribbon of ‘a nice break.’

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mental health
December 17, 2019

time to focus on mental health in your workplace

As we explored in our last blog, supporting staff through mental health difficulties can save businesses money.

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mental health
December 11, 2019

mental health in the office

Our work lives can often be the lynchpin of our happiness. Through them we grow, gain confidence and experience, overcome challenges, make friends and expand our networks. Our work lives can be the making of us.

mental health
December 10, 2019

instagram won't try to lick your face...

The internet and our hyper-connectivity is so obviously useful to us and widely adopted as a way of life, even, that we often talk about how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be...

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puppy welfare
October 31, 2019

if my puppy cries, should i pick them up?

My puppy is crying. What do I do? should I pick them up? It’s a good question. At Paws in Work we’re always aware of the needs of the puppies who come with us to our events...

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mental health
October 10, 2019

puppy therapy is great for the mental well-being of people and pups alike

Puppy therapy is a thing? It really is, and it’s been making a difference in peoples’ lives for a long time.

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